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Promoting Family and Youth Hunting & Fishing Since 2002

The Ultimate Hunting, Fishing & Camping Experience for the Family

Colorado Outdoor Sports is a membership only corporate hunting & fishing club. We were founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing outdoor opportunities to sportsmen and women with the benefits that only private land can offer. We go to great lengths to find the best properties for our members so they can enjoy superior hunting, fishing and camping in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

There is nothing we enjoy more than seeing members with trophy deer and antelope, banded ducks or monster sized fish; and to do that you must have the best land, and we have it! It has been our great pleasure to provide our members and their families with memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Colorado Outdoor Sports wants to help you hunt and fish more. Check out our great private land hunting and fishing membership opportunities:


Leasing the hunting rights on your property to our corporate club has many distinguished advantages. We are constantly in search of quality hunting land for lease throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.


Scott Comeaux

I wanted to take some time to write to you about my experiences with your hunting club, which I now have been a member for about 1.5 years. First of all, I have been very satisfied with the properties that the club has available for your members to reserve. I had a GREAT Spring Turkey experience in 2019, and I am looking forward to the 2019 Fall hunting season. But mostly I am blown away with the time that you personally showed me, a new big game bow hunter, this Fall.

Earlier this August, you took your time to meet me at the property that I will bow hunt for Elk and Deer. Not only did you show me the tree stand, but you also spent 2 hours showing me the nuances of the topography, marked several things on my GPS, as well as gave me tips on the actual hunt itself.

I have been a member of two other hunt clubs in the Denver area, and never have I experienced such customer service! Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to many years with the club!

Nick Farrow

Immediately after joining Colorado Outdoor Sports in 2017, I knew it wasn’t your average Club.

My first day fishing I was impressed with the quality of the property and the pride Win Ewbank put into making it that way for all members.

I have since convinced my fishing & hunting buddy to jump ship from his old Club and become a member of Colorado Outdoor Sports and he hasn’t stopped thanking me since!

Most Clubs charge double for using their properties for less than half the year. With Colorado Outdoor Sports I get my money’s worth year-round. And it’s worth every penny!

Matt Hudson

What an amazing Club! Colorado Outdoor Sports has been a part of my family for years and the experiences have been incredible. The Big Game hunting properties are excellent, and many are conveniently located within an hour of Denver. My two boys have grown up hunting and fishing in the Club and both harvested BIG bucks, Turkeys and many Geese and Ducks over the years. The trout, bass, crappie and sunfish fishing is amazing too.

The most memorable moments are when the club president Win set my boys and I up with a discounted youth Cow Elk hunt where we had hundreds of elk within range on a daily basis. What makes the Club so special are the members and especially the Club Owner, Win Ewbank. Win is very responsive to requests and will go out of his way to make sure members get the best experience possible.


We are proud to offer the added value and benefit to our members by providing our online reservation system through Acuity Scheduling.  

Our system provides fast and easy access to information about each property, including:

  • Google Satellite Maps
  • Property Use Maps
  • Directions and Access Information, Locks, etc. 
  • GPS Coordinates
  • First come-first serve reservations, objective & fair

The system also allows our members to view the dates of other reservations to know when it was last hunted.  Since the system is online, you have access to real-time information and availability to make reservations 24/7/365.


  • May 31, 2024
  • January 5, 2023
  • February 6, 2021

Join Colorado’s Preferred Member-Only Corporate Hunting and Fishing Club!

We’re looking forward to providing you and your family with the best hunting and fishing experiences in the nation. Enjoy exclusive member-only benefits and start investing in your passion today. For more information regarding membership, please contact us at 720-300-9400!