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Landowners – LEASE WITH US

Leasing the hunting rights on your land to a corporate hunting club has distinct advantages. We are constantly in search of quality hunting land for lease throughout Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska.

Revenue Stream

Many landowners are realizing the value of leasing hunting rights to their huntable land to Colorado Outdoor Sports Corporate Hunting & Fishing Club for an additional income stream and property security.

Don’t rule out your land because you might think it’s not an optimum hunting lease, simply contact us to find out. You’ll be surprised to learn the monetary return that your property may hold for hunting.

We bring vast experience and benefits to our Landowner clients. Our Owner, Win Ewbank has the hunting and agriculture experience to arrange these mutually beneficial agreements. Start earning revenue by leasing the hunting rights on your property to our corporate club.


As a landowner, leasing land can be difficult because you don’t really know what to expect with the people you lease to. However, leasing to a corporate club has distinct advantages over leasing to an individual.

Chances are, you’re a busy person and finding time to sift through potential individuals to lease to can be time consuming.

We’re insured, we realize our own liability and require each member and their guests to sign a hold harmless agreement. This agreement indemnifies both us as the lessee and you as the owner.

Peace Of Mind

We treat our landowners property with the utmost respect, and our corporate hunting club members are held to those same high standards.

Benefits of Leasing to Colorado Outdoor Sports:

  • Passive Income Stream
  • Deter Trespassing
  • Reduce Crop and Wildlife Damage
  • Manage Wildlife Populations
  • We perform Background Checks on all our Members
  • We’re insured and require hold harmless agreements
  • Know who is on your property at all times and the activity that is being performed