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Hunting & Fishing for the Family

Colorado Outdoor Sports is a membership only corporate hunting & fishing club. We were founded in 2002 with the sole purpose of providing outdoor opportunities to sportsmen and women with the benefits that only private land can offer. We go to great lengths to find the best properties for our members so they can enjoy superior hunting, fishing, and camping in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

There is absolutely nothing we enjoy more than seeing our members with trophy deer, antelope, branded ducks, or monster fish! In order to achieve this for all of our members, having the best land possible is crucial. We’ve dedicated significant amounts of time for research and canvassing in order to procure these lands for our members. It has been our greatest pleasure to provide our members and their loved ones with memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Membership & Packages

Colorado Outdoor Sports is a membership-only corporate hunting and fishing club. Founded in 2002, we’ve continued our mission of providing superior outdoor opportunities to sportsmen and women with the benefits that only private land can offer. we go to great lengths to find the best properties for our members so they can enjoy exceptional hunting, fishing, and camping throughout Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. 

Colorado Outdoor Sports has countless options when it comes to outdoor activities for the whole family. Our members enjoy almost year-round hunting opportunities! From antelope hunting in August through turkey season in May, the excitement is non-stop. 

For the hunter in your family, enjoy upland game, waterfowl, small game, predator (no mountain lions), big game, ducks, geese, doves, turkey, mule deer, whitetail, pronghorn, and elk.

For the fisherman in your family, Colorado is home to some of the best fishing in the world! Whether you enjoy trout on a fly rod or catching largemouth bass, we’ve got it all, including wiper, perch, crappie, sunfish, walleye, rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout, brookies, and kamloop trout. Colorado Outdoor Sports is primarily a catch and release program.

Colorado Outdoor Sports wants to help you hunt and fish more. We offer great private land hunting and fishing membership opportunities:

  • Standard Membership Package
  • Fishing Only Membership Package
  • Wrights Reservoir Only Membership Package
  • Big Game Only Membership Package
  • Predator & Prairie Dog Only Membership Package

Online Reservation System

Our Members enjoy our online reservation system! Quickly and conveniently make reservations for your upcoming hunt. Our reservation system offers comprehensive information on each of our properties, including:

  • Google Satellite Maps
  • Property Use Maps
  • Directions and Access Information, Locks, etc.
  • GPS Coordinates
  • First Come-First Serve Reservations, Objective & Fair

Landowners – Lease With Us

Revenue Stream

Many landowners are realizing the value of leasing hunting rights to their huntable land to Colorado Outdoor Sports Corporate Hunting & Fishing Club for an additional income stream and property security.


As a landowner, leasing land can be difficult because you don’t really know what to expect with the people you lease to. However, leasing to a corporate club has distinct advantages over leasing to an individual.

Peace of Mind

We treat our landowners property with the utmost respect, and our corporate hunting club members are held to those same high standards.


“Immediately after joining Colorado Outdoor Sports in 2017, I knew it wasn’t your average Club. My first day fishing I was impressed with the quality of the property and the pride Win Ewbank put into making it that way for all members.” – Nick Farrow

“I have been a member of two other hunt clubs in the Denver area, and never have I experienced such customer service! Thank you for your continued support, and I look forward to many years with the club!” – Scott Comeaux

About Win Ewbank

Win Ewbank got involved with Colorado Outdoor Sports first as a member since 2002 and began managing the club in 2011. The following year, he decided to pursue the passion of owning his own private corporate club and purchased the company. Win owns and operates the club today with passion, excitement, and pure dedication.

Growing up in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania set the foundation for Win’s love of the outdoors and his future career in serving the hunting and fishing industry. Fueled by a desire to contribute to his family’s freezer and table fare quickly turned into a deep connection with the wildlife he pursed. As a passionate and accomplished outdoorsman, Win is an avid hunter and fisherman and is especially fond of hunting antelope. Win has always understood the important influence that both landowners and hunters play in the conservation of our hunting heritage, traditions, and wildlife.

Renowned for his ability to understand the pride and economics of operating a private corporate hunting and fishing club, Win has prioritized these values as an integral part of building Colorado Outdoor Sports into the successful club it is today. By managing the business on the principle of strong family values, Win has created an incredible family-oriented club which he holds dear to his heart. His strong connection with the company’s mission has been influenced by family tradition and the importance of instilling hunting and fishing in his grandkids.

Win’s best days away from work involve the time spent with his wife and eight grandkids, teaching them fishing and hunting tactics, and helping to build their confidence in navigating the great outdoors. He was thrilled to be by his wife of 29 years, Jane, when she took her first deer, elk, antelope, and turkey and continues enjoying their time spent hunting together.

Join Colorado’s Preferred Member-Only
Corporate Hunting and Fishing Club!

We’re looking forward to providing you and your family with the best hunting and fishing experiences in the nation. Enjoy exclusive member-only benefits and start investing in your passion today. For more information regarding membership, please contact us at 720-300-9400!